Aqueduct Project has a network of consultants who specialize in various topics from prayer to technology in the church. Here, you can request a speaker fro your church, small group, or college event.


Jonathan Armstrong is President of Aqueduct Project and Director of the Center for Global Theological Education at Moody Bible Institute, where he teaches New Testament Greek, Christianity and Western Culture, and electives in theology and ancient Christian studies.

His areas of specialization and expertise include New Testament Greek, the formation of the New Testament canon, ancient church history, prayer, the use of technology in the local church, theological education and history of the interpretation of the Bible.



Jonathan Armstrong

“Jonathan has a unique skill set. He is a top-notch academic that is continually applying technological breakthroughs to higher education and church-focused teaching platforms, a tenacious entrepreneur that effectively leverages Internet multimedia, and a brilliant networker that treats people with the utmost kindness and respect. He has always been a delight to work with.”


—Jim Rosenquist, Founder,

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