Who We Are

Through book reviews, conferences, and prayer, it is our goal to further theological education for the purpose of promoting Christian unity.

The question that we close every interview with (some variant of: “despite the very real differences in the manifestations of Christianity around the world, what is it that unites the global church?”) gets at the heart of what we are trying to do. Through an exercise of listening, we are trying to find pathways forward for theological and practical expressions of Christian unity around the world.

Book Reviews

Following Jesus's High Priestly prayer in John 17, we believe that prayer is the most vital element of any desire for Christian unity. Therefore, we seek to promote prayer through our 24/7 online prayer center.


Through online conferences, we work to gather gifted theologians and practitioners of the Christian faith to discuss topics relevant to the growth and development of the church. The online format of these conversations allows us to discuss specialized and cutting-edge topics that may otherwise go unexplored.