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Challenging Tradition

Perry Shaw and Havilah Dharamraj

In this conversation Jonathan Armstrong interviews Perry Shaw and Havilah Dharamraj regarding their book, Challenging Tradition (Langham, 2018). Perry Shaw is Professor of Education at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary. In addition to Challenging Tradition, he is the author of Transforming Theological Education (Langham, 2014), The Art of Teaching (PTEE, 2004), and The Acts of the Apostles (PTEE, 2000). Havilah Dharamraj is Academic Dean and Head of the Old Testament Department at the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies. In addition to her work on Challenging Tradition, she is a contributor to Altogether Lovely (Fortress, 2018), South Asia Bible Commentary (Zondervan, 2015), and A Prophet Like Elijah? (Paternoster, 2011). This interview was originally published on August 26, 2019.

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