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Habits of the High Tech Heart

Quentin J. Schultze

Dr. Quentin J. Schultze is an author, speaker, mentor and Professor of Communication Emeritus at Calvin University. He is the author of many texts, including "Communicating with Grace and Virtue: Learning to Listen, Speak, Text, and Interact as a Christian" (Baker, 2020), "Communicate Like a True Leader: 30 Days of Life-Changing Wisdom" (Edenridge, 2017), "An Essential Guide to Interpersonal Communication: Building Great Relationships with Faith, Skill, and Virtue in the Age of Social Media (Baker, 2015), and the text discussed in this interview, "Habits of the High-Tech Heart: Living Virtuously in the Information Age" (Baker, 2002).

This interview was originally published on June 25, 2021

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