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Aqueduct Project offers free, online courses from the perspective of historic Christian orthodoxy. These courses are designed to build up the faith of dedicated Christians as well as to provide a space for seekers to explore questions of faith.

What to Expect from a Course with Us

All of our courses are offered fully online through our zoom prayer rooms.  Aqueduct Project staff members and volunteers teach the courses to bring a variety of voices and Christian perspectives to the table, and as a result each course will feel a little different. Some courses are offered as one-session workshops and others meet weekly over the course of several weeks. However unique each course may be in form, they are all designed to invite participants to discover God, discover one another, and discover God in one another.  

Register for a course

Registration is free and simple. We encourage you to invite others in your community to join the course with you!

Check for Email Updates

We will regularly communicate important information regarding upcoming courses to participants via email.

Engage in your Course

Courses take place on Zoom and offer many opportunities for you to engage in meaningful ways with the course content! 

Joining a Course is Simple!

Interested in Volunteering to Lead a Course?

We would be delighted to host a course for you! We will put your course on our calendar, handle registration, help develop course materials, and will do our best to administer each course session. 

May We Help?
Matthew Dereck
Director of Courses


Email Matthew

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